The need to have the best table tennis table for use cannot be overemphasized, every table tennis player must understand the necessity of choosing the best table for their indoor or outdoor games.


Choosing a suitable paddle may also be a challenge but the greatest challenge comes when choosing the right table that you can use for this enjoyable game.

Factors To Consider Choosing a Ping Pong Table for Use

Here are the tips to follow:

Price of the Table

Although the brand of the tennis table that you would love to buy may not matter much, many people would prefer what they are used to and also consider the fact that the higher the price of the table, the higher the quality of the table. This you should put into serious consideration. 

If this game is your leisure exercise, the best advice is that, you should just stick to your budget and purchase what you can afford rather than go for what you cannot buy.

Quality and Durability

Because you are going to purchase a table tennis table for either indoor or outdoor use, quality and durability of the table must be vigorously considered.

This should not just be another ping-pong table, but must be durable enough to withstand different harsh weather conditions. You should not purchase a table that would get bad or damaged easily due to its low quality.

In addition, to achieve the best quality and durable table tennis table, proper research should be carried out to access the brand’s availability rather than just considering the known once as the best quality table that can withstand rugged weather conditions.

Indoor /Outdoor Tables

When considering the best table tennis table for outdoor use, you must be well informed of the difference between the indoor and outdoor tables.

Reasons being that, you need to have a table that can withstand all kinds of rough weather conditions when it is outside.

Various tables are made for different weather conditions, not all tables are proper for outdoor use, so research must be carried out and be sure that you know which tables are the better option for outside usage. 

Ease when setting up the table must be considered too. If you intend to move the table from one place to another on a regular basis, be sure to buy one which is easy to set up and dismantle.

Tables with rollers are the best options for this, even if it would be permanently kept at a particular location, due to the fact that you might want to move it eventually.

In a situation whereby it is the family’s first table, it is best you choose the simplest. However, if someone becomes more addicted to table tennis playing, you can be sure that you will have to replace it with new one.

Furthermore, be sure to consider if the table you are buying will need replacement sooner. Mostly, only professional table tennis players ever consider getting expensive table tennis tables for more convenience and professionalism.


When Buying the table tennis table, carefully consider the net that comes with the table. Never purchase nets that may get torn or worn-out very easily.

Also, you should not purchase complicated nets, but it should be a type that would last as long as you desire. While searching for the best option, it is necessary to first consider brands you have made use of before, or have heard good reviews on them with suitable recommendations as there are numerous manufacturers out there.

Reading Reviews before Purchasing

A proper study of table tennis table reviews is very essential to enable you choose properly. This gives exact and accurate information on the best choice of tables to buy, and if it is of a good quality or not recommended at all.

Reading as many reviews as possible is one of the ways you can choose the best quality of table tennis table and through recommendation. But also have in mind that few reviews may have been paid reviews. In this case, you may likely make a mistake buying it.

Table tennis tables are generally expensive, and if you are considering buying one, be sure to remember every tip outlined here.

These are the best ways to certainly get value for your money, and get the right type of table for maximum satisfaction. It is a great investment to buy an expensive table tennis table rather than other known low-quality tables with cheaper prices.


Knowing the type of player you are is the most important factor when choosing a best ping pong paddle for beginner. No matter the cost of the paddle you purchase, if it does not conform with your style of playing or level of experience, the paddle is useless.

You must first understand if you are buying the paddle as a beginner or a professional, and if you are a Defensive or Offensive player. You must also understand the racket construction and how the choice of material may affect the spin, speed, and control of the ball. These factors will make your choice a lot easier.

Factors To Consider Choosing a Ping Pong Paddle for Beginner


Your level of experience determines the kind of paddle you’ll need which will help you improve tremendously. Finding the best ping-pong paddle guarantees more winnings than loses.

As a beginner, paddles which allow you to put the ball on the table are the best paddle. At this stage, speed and spin are not necessary since you’re only working on your fundamentals to develop correct stroke mechanics and skill.


A racket is made up of two main parts: the blade (consist of the handle and wood), the rubber (includes the sponge).

  • Blade and Handle

About 5 to 9 layers of wood make up the blade which also consist of other types of materials like titanium carbon or carbon. The number of plies and the materials used for the blade determines how rigid or flexible the blade could be, as the more the number of plies, the stiffer the blade, and carbon makes the blade more firm while keeping it light-weight.

More energy is transferred to the ball from a rigid blade which moves the ball faster, while a flexible blade absorbs some energy thereby slowing down the ball.

The handle can be Flared, Anatomic, or Straight handle.

A flared handle is the most popular. It is thicker at the bottom to prevent the paddle from slipping out. The anatomic handle is wider in the middle which helps fit the shape of the palm. The straight handle has the same width evenly. You can try different handles from friends or stores if you are not sure of the one to purchase.

  • Rubber and Sponge

More or less spin can be applied to the ball depending on the sponge’s thickness and the rubbers tackiness.

How tacky and soft a rubber is may be determined by the different treatment applied and technology used during manufacturing.

A soft or sticky rubber will obviously put more spin on the ball.


The amount of spin, speed, and control of the tennis ball may be determined by the characteristics mentioned above, but there are more useful things to consider when choosing your paddle:

  • Speed

This is the maximum speed exerted on the ball. Upgrading to a faster paddle will cause less energy to be applied on the ball while still giving the same speed. Rackets of this type travels easily to the other side even when holding the paddle for a block, whereas with others, it’ll bounce on the net.

  • Spin

The quantity of rubber used on a racket determines the ability of the paddle to generate a good amount of spin. The weight of the racket also play a minor role in this regard. The more softer and tackier a rubber is, the more spin it’ll put on the ball.

Speed is only used to attack a player, but spin is necessary for offensive and defensive players.

Offensive players use it to apply faster forehand loop while defensive players use it for backspin.

  • Control

Control is a combination of speed and spin. A spin-focused racket will give you a little or no error that may result in loss of control. This characteristic can also determine the consistency and accuracy of your shots.

A slower, more controllable bat should be used by beginners, while the more powerful paddles could be used by the advanced or intermediate players.

Though the paddle may be difficult to control in the beginning, control can be improved through player skill.

Now that you know the basics for choosing a ping-pong paddle, consider them and have fun dominating your opponents.