At Beefsteak, we strive to bring the best produce and local ingredients to our guests in a casual environment that serves fresh and seasonal California cuisine. We aim to source everything from socially conscious purveyors that will in turn be used in dishes that are not only healthy, but also intended to be super tasty, and ecologically responsible. We value the intimate connection between our food, our farms, our planet and our health and aim to be sustainable in all of our practices.  We support our community through partnerships with local vendors and producers

We realize that in our fast-paced, modern day society people frequently eat on the run, but to us that doesn't mean that “fast food” can’t be “fast good food,” which is why we place a large emphasis on creating dishes that will provide our guests with the sustenance they need to get them through their busy days, as well as fulfill their desires with regard to flavor.  






7661 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046                   



Mon-Sun 11am–6pm