12 Best Steaks For Grilling in 2019 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Sourcing the best steak for grilling while at home is no simple task. There are many different types of steak cuts that you could buy over the butcher’s counter. But if you have buying tips as far as sourcing the best steak for grilling is concerned, you will be able to have the finest and the best cuts of steaks for your household.

Grilling the best steak starts by choosing the best cuts of steak. And there are factors to look for when buying steaks for usage at home. So, what should you consider when buying the best steak for grilling at home?

What to Consider When Buying the Best Steak for Grilling????

When it comes to buying the best steak for grilling, you will want to keep a closer eye on:

  • The Steak grade

An ideal steak of beef should be graded as choice and above. The prime grade is the best that you could get from a steakhouse. Therefore, when shopping for some best steaks for grilling at home, you could choose the choice grade and above if you want to have a very delicious bite.

  • The marbling

The marbling refers to those white appearances running through the steak. The more the marbling, the tenderer the steak is. The marbling is where all the juices and tenderness are. So, in case you need some tasty, juicy and tender steak for grilling, you could select a steak with good marbling.

  • The cut

There are many steak cuts available in steakhouses. Examples of steak cuts are Rib eye, sirloins, New York strip, and flank steaks among others. These steak cuts differ in marbling and tenderness. When buying a steak, you should consider the amount of time you want to spend grilling your steak.

If you want to take a shorter time, you could choose tender cuts such as the Ribeye or the New York strip. If you have more time, you could select steak cuts such as sirloin and flank steaks.

What Are some of The Best Steaks For Grilling?

Filet Mignon Steaks (06 oz)

Filet Mignon Steaks is beef cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin, thus they’re the leanest and most tender steaks. They’re very expensive but require simple seasoning. These beef steaks are hand-cut into 1-2 inches thick portions and grilled then served as is. When cooking these steaks, you will apply high heat on their surfaces by grilling.

They’re hand-cut in Louisville, Kentucky since 1946, thick and juicy steaks thus they’re one of the best steaks for grilling while you’re at home.  These steaks of beef are safe for consumption since the USDA- United States Department of Agriculture- inspects and approves them. When you order them online, they come in custom packaging (Dry ice cooler that is shipped right to your doorstep). Their thickness depends on their average weight:

A Filet Mignon Steak that weighs 06 oz is 1-1.5 inches thick, a steak that weighs 08 oz is hand-cut into 1.75-2 inches thick, a 10 oz Filet Mignon Steak is 2.25-2.5 inches thick, and a 12 oz steak is hand-cut into 2.5-3 inches thick. Also, these thicknesses result in price differences between all these weights of Filet Mignon Steaks.

Nebraska Star Beef

The next best steak for grilling that you could choose is the Nebraska Star Beefsteak. Cut from Angus’s top sirloin, the Nebraska star beefsteaks are moderately tender, flavorful and delicious. They will satisfy the taste buds of ever steak lover in your home. They not only offer tastefully crafted flavors but also supply the body with vital proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts.

They are an excellent source of vitamins B6 and B 12. Also, they provide Zinc, Iron and Niacin besides providing proteins as well. The Nebraska star beefsteak is hand-cut and trimmed to make sure that you get a quality steak for consumption. Nebraska Star Beefsteaks are convenient and provide great value because they have no bones and have little fat. They are versatile steaks that are juicy and delicious.

Their cooking methods include: boiling, grilling or sautéing. You could use a charcoal grill to prepare your family this delicious food. Also, this food is fit for human consumption since it is USDA certified. Besides, it has no hormones or antibiotics. While buying these steaks from an online retailer, you will receive:

Four (10 oz) Angus top sirloins.

Four (0.33 lb) premium ground beef patties.

One (05 oz) bottle of Nebraska Star Beef Signature Seasoning.

Porter & York, Aged Prime Beef Filet Mignon

The Porter and York filet mignon is a true tenderloin steak. Cut and completely trimmed from the center of the loin, the Porter and York filet mignon is a primal cut. As such, it is one of the best steaks for grilling while at home. The steak ages for 28 days before consumption to improve its taste and flavor.

The aging takes place in a climate-controlled cooler which enhances its texture, as the flavors condense. Also, this steak develops tenderness that gives each bite a satisfactory feel as it explores each taste bud. The steak comes from pasture-raised and grain-finished cattle. Therefore, this steak provides quality for money. It is a fresh steak that is shipped right out of the climate-controlled cooler to your door.

When you place an order, you will expect nothing but fresh and high-quality steak right out of the coolers. This stake is hand-cut, trimmed and vacuum-sealed on the day of its shipping! It is shipped when still fresh and never frozen. The porter and York filet mignon are a true USDA prime grade beef that you could order and grill while at home.

Omaha Steaks Family Value Pack with top sirloins

The Omaha steaks family value pack is a delicious meal that features the Omaha steaks that are hand-cut from the top sirloins. This food also consists of lean oven-roasted chicken breasts, a juicy burger, and gourmet-style franks. It also features the stuffed baked potatoes. The Omaha steaks are, therefore, a delicious meal that you could take with some burgers.

To make sure that it maintains its flavor, master butchers hand-cut the Omaha steaks to right sizes and weights. The Omaha steaks are aged for 21 days minimum to preserve their tenderness and juicy taste. They have lean to fat ratios of 80/20. If you are looking to take some burgers with beef steaks, you could choose the tasty, juicy and tender genuine Omaha Steaks.

Pre Filet Mignon

Pre Filet Mignon is another best steak for grilling that you could buy. It has no added hormones or antibiotics and is also non-GMO verified by USDA. Also, this steak is Keto-verified. As such, it is fit for consumption. It has a fine texture, subtle flavor and is smaller in size. Pre Filet Mignon steak comes from humanely raised cattle in accordance with the 5 levels of freedom for all animals. The cattle from which this steak comes are grass-fed and grass-finished.

This steak contains the following calories: fats 07g, cholesterol 90 mg, carbohydrates 0g, sodium 50mg, and protein 31g. This stake is always fresh and never frozen. It is vacuum-sealed on the shipment day. It comes in a transparent package so that you can notice everything in your steak. Everything is displayed for you to see.

The steak is also Whole30-approved and certified by Paleo as well. This steak offers the quality that each consumer is looking for when making a purchase for some best steak for grilling at home.

Kansas City Steak- 4 Filet Mignon

Kansas City Steak is hand-cut and trimmed from USDA verified prime beef. Also, this steak has the succulent flavor and tenderness that will explore each taste bud in your mouth. It ages slowly and naturally up to 28 days to make sure that it has an appealing tenderness.

The steak is processed naturally: No food additives, no chemicals added, no water added, and no preservatives and tenderizers added to the steak. It is all naturally processed. When you order the Kansas City steak from a reputable online retailer, you will receive the following as your order: Four butter-tender Filet Mignon that is super trimmed, each weighing 08 oz. Or you could also get four Kansas City Strip Steaks, each weighing10 oz.

Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef

The Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef, from the Tajima-gy breed of cattle, is one of the best steaks for grilling because of various good reasons. First, this steak is 100% A5-grade, and comprise less than 1% of Japanese beef production. Its flavors and intramuscular fat structures vary not just from region to region but from farm to farm as well, because of factors such as feeding protocols, husbandry, and genetics.

The Japanese Wagyu steak isn’t just any steak but it’s the highest of A5-grades! Also, this steak is boneless, tender and juicy thus exploring all the taste buds of all steak lovers. You could charcoal grill the Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef for your family for a healthy nutritional value. All you need to do is to source this tender and juicy loco steak that is perfectly marbled.

When you buy this steak from a reputable online retailer, you will receive 1 package that contains 20 ounces of steak. The steak is frozen and vacuum-sealed to make sure that you receive an uncontaminated meal for charcoal grilling.

Pre Ribeye Steaks- 100% Grass fed and finished

When looking to have that special grilling frenzy, you could choose the Ribeye steaks since they’re one of the best steaks for grilling. Just as the name suggests, this steak is cut from the rib section of the Angus cow. Ribeye steaks are sourced from New Zealand and Australia, and they don’t have added hormones and antibodies.

The Angus cattle from which these juicy and tasty steaks are cut feed on grass and are also grass finished. The Ribeye steaks are hand trimmed in Chicago, from which point you receive your fresh order right on time. For orders placed between Sunday and Tuesday, shipments take place the next day. And for orders placed between Wednesday and Saturday, shipments take place the following Monday.

 As such, you will receive your fresh steaks with a custom packaging when still fresh. The custom packaging consists of a dry ice cooler that is shipped right to your door. The order consists of 8 (10 oz) blast frozen steaks. Also, the Ribeye steaks are safe for consumptions since they are Whole-30 Approved, Paleo and Keto certified. They also don’t contain any GMOs.

Essential Duo Steak Set

If you are looking to create a cozy dinner for two or you want to gift your loved ones with some tasteful steaks, you could settle for the Essential Duo steak set! Yes, and for good reasons only. First, the Essential Duo steak set is a product that consists of 2 butter-tender steaks that have been super trimmed to the right size.

Each of the steaks weighs 06 oz. Besides receiving the 2 butter-tender steaks, you will also get 2 Ribeye steaks that are tender, juicy and boneless, each weighing 10 oz. In addition to the 4 steaks, you will 2 hearty and rich Kansas City strip steaks that weigh 10 oz each. It doesn’t end there yet. You will also receive two porterhouse steaks that weigh 18 oz each.

Lastly, you will also receive 2 top sirloin steaks that weigh 06 oz each. This product is ideal for smaller families that are looking to add some beneficial nutrients to their diet by eating steak cuts. Some of the nutritional contents of the Essential Duo steaks include proteins, iron, sodium, and fat. You could order this product online via a trusted online retailer and have it delivered to you right on time. Grill these juicy and tasty steaks at home for your family and have a cozy meal.

Omaha Steaks Family Pack

Omaha steaks family pack is a great choice for people who are looking to combine a tasty steak with a burger. The Omaha Steaks is a product that you could buy from a reputable online retailer and have a delicious meal, one that is worth remembering! The product comes with filet mignons that you could sandwich inside a burger.

And to make sure that the steaks retain their flavor and taste, seasoned butchers hand-cut them to appealing and eye-catching sizes. Also, the steaks are aged for 21 days maximum to preserve their tenderness and flavor.

They don’t contain any food preservatives or ingredients and are, therefore, very safe for consumption. The Omaha burgers purely contain Omaha Steaks. Their lean to fat ratios is 80/20. Omaha steaks ship this incredible food to their customers as long as they place an order via trusted online retailers. Make sure you buy from trusted sites if you shop online.

New York Strip steaks

The New York strip steak is cut from the short loin of a cow. As such, it has a fine texture and buttery flavor. It is moderately tender and has an impressive fat marbling. In most steakhouses, the New York strip steak is considered by many consumers as the best cut of steak, thus very popular. The most tender, juicier and tastier New York strip steak is graded as USDA prime while others are graded as USDA choice.

When buying this product from an online store, you will receive USDA choice New York strip steaks weighing 08 oz, and individually sealed. Also, this product comes with a custom packaging: a dry ice cooler that is shipped right to your doorstep. The steak comes from cattle born and raised in the US.

The steaks don’t contain any food additives or solutions; just pure beef. To be more specific, these steaks come from Louisville, Kentucky where they are hand-cut since 1946. You could charcoal grill your New York strip steaks as a cooking method and have a delicious meal that is worth remembering.

Feed the Party Filet Mignon Steaks

Feed the part Filet Mignon steaks are USDA choice. They are tender and have the melt-in-your-mouth flavor that will explore your taste buds in every possible way. They are hand-cut from the finest USDA approved beef, thus very safe for consumption. They are wet-aged for a minimum of 25 days before being vacuum-sealed to protect their rich flavor and freshness. Also, these filet mignon steaks are hand-cut in Louisville, Kentucky since 1946.

When being shipped right to your door, they come in custom packaging-dry ice cooler that helps them stay fresh until you charcoal grill them for a delicious dinner. The filets are individually sealed and weigh 06 oz each.

Besides being tender and tasty, they are thick and juicy. They meet all the conditions that the best steaks for grilling have met already, and they could be a delicious meal that all steak lovers can enjoy while catching up.


  • How long does it take to grill a steak cut?

Steak cuts vary in marbling, meaning they vary in tenderness as well. More tender steak cuts take a shorter time to charcoal grill. Steak cuts with more marbling are tender, thus take a shorter time to prepare.

  • What are some of the things to look out for when buying steak for grilling?

Looking for certified or approved steak cuts is very essential when you want to consume a safe steak. There are various bodies that certify and approve steak cuts that are fit for consumption. The USDA is one such body. Also, consider other factors such as steak cut types, marbling, grade, and color.

  • How can I buy a steak cut from a steakhouse?

There are two options when it comes to buying steak cuts. You could buy them over the butcher’s counter or you could place an order online. Placing the order online is ideal for people who live far from the steakhouse.

Your steaks will arrive at your doorstep in a custom packaging, and you will not have to worry about freshness and flavor because of the state-of-the-art preservation method used.


Choosing the best steak for grilling needs keenness. There are factors to consider when shopping for some delicious steaks that you could charcoal grill at home. Choosing a prime grade steak cut that is USDA approved is an excellent idea because you will not only be eating a safe steak, but you will be eating a tender and top-quality steak.

From our list, you could choose the New York Strip steak since it is the best steak cut according to many steak lovers. It is a prime grade steak with an impressive marbling. It is also USDA certified!